Central deep restructuring of the Conference reform is a revolution is not the

Central deep restructuring of the Conference: reform is a revolution is not the real thing to do is not work

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 27-General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman, and XI Jinping, head of the Central leading group on deepening reform on June 27 hosted by central leading group on deepening reform of the 25th meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the place was an important force in promoting reform. Deployment of party committees at all levels must firmly implement the Party Central Committee reform, firmly establish political awareness, awareness of overall, core, par, the force of reform gathered reform resources, motivate, practice target, precision landing, exploration and innovation, track performance, guarantee, to pay special attention to reform efforts more productive.

Member of the Standing Committee, Deputy Liu Yunshan, head of the Central leading group on comprehensive reform, Zhang gaoli attended the meeting.

Conference considered through has on perfect NPC representative contact people system of implementation views, and on advance to trial for Center of criminal system reform of views, and on established unified specification of national ecological civilization yan of views, and national ecological civilization Yan (Fujian) implementation programme, and on speed up advance promise was implementation people credit supervision, and warning and disciplinary mechanism construction of views, and on, Hainan Province, domain “more rules one” reform pilot situation of report, and Around 2015 to deepen reform and recommends that the consolidated report.

It was noted that China’s people’s Congress system has strong vitality, the key is deeply rooted among the people. Perfecting the people’s Congress system of contact with the masses, which is intended to establish a sound and effective working institutional mechanism, so that better and more closely linked to the people’s Congress of the people. Representatives to make contact with the masses of the working platform and network platform construction, clearly linked to the work content, ways and means to improve contact and establish representative feedback mechanisms reflect the opinions and demands of the masses. Deputies to perform their duties, the masses, will actively promote the party’s line, principles and policies and major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, and address the outstanding issues of concern to the people. State organs at all levels should pay high attention to and seriously address the representatives reflect the wishes and demands of the people, improve work, to solve the problem effectively.

Conference stressed, advance to trial for Center of litigation system reform, to based China conditions and judicial actual, play good trial especially trial in identified facts, and finds evidence, and protection right, and just referee in the of important role, prompted case personnel set case must by have up legal test of concept, through court trial of program just achieved case referee of entity just, prevention miscarriage occurred, promote judicial just. To focus on the resolution of outstanding issues affecting criminal justice, referee request evidence links into the criminal proceedings, improve the system of illegal evidence exclusion, strict implementation of witnesses, expert witnesses testified, criminal legal aid, promoting simplified shunt the case, more in line with judicial rules of criminal procedure system.

It was noted that the establishment of unified national ecological area, aims to carry out comprehensive test system of ecological civilization, exploration path for perfecting the system of ecological civilization, the accumulation of experience. To implementation Central on ecological civilization reform of General deployment requirements, on advance land space development protection system, and space planning prepared, and ecological products market reform, and established diversified of ecological protection compensation mechanism, and sound environment governance system, and established sound natural resources assets property system, and carried out green development performance evaluation assessment, major reform task carried out test, focus solution social concern degrees high, and involved people vital interests of resources environment problem. Fujian Experimental zone to highlight innovation, focus on the important and difficult issues, in terms of system and mechanism innovation, and for other areas to explore the path of reform.

Meeting stressed that speeding up to lose the trust of the person subjected to execution credit monitoring, warning and disciplinary construction to raise the people conscientiously fulfil their obligations under effective legal instruments decisions, enhance judicial credibility, promote the construction of social credit system. We should establish and improve joint cross-sector collaborative monitoring and disciplinary mechanisms, specifically limits the content of the project, strengthening information disclosure and sharing, improve message control capacity-building credibility in perfect execution by the list system, perfecting the party and Government organs to support people’s court system, constructing “a break all the limits” pattern of credit discipline, makes credit difficult.

It was noted that the authorized domain, Hainan Province, the Central “gauge” pilot reform last year, Hainan’s actual, actively promote reform, combs resolve planning conflicts, overall subject area, ecological protection of the red line, urban system, land use, forest protection and utilization, marine planning, unified spatial planning system helped create the province taking steps, explored the experience. Deepening the reform, we should solve the problem of institutional mechanisms, and handle the relationship between reform and advance according to law, a blueprint for the end. Relevant Central Government departments to strengthen overall guidance.

Meeting stressed that reform is a revolution, change is institutional mechanisms, is a vested interest, not the real thing to do is not enough. Local party committees at all levels to overcome more difficult, problem-solving efforts. Mission to practice around the system and mechanism innovation, and consciously apply the reform thinking and reform measures to promote work, prioritizing, priority advance, focusing on protection of the Party Central Committee clear and important reform task, where thorny problems hindering development in urgent need of reform task, closely related to the immediate interests of the people of the reform. Precision landing to practice and prescribe, formulate implementation plans straight to the problem, research demonstrates, highlight the relevance and operability. Relationship to grasp reform, better system integration capabilities. Exploring innovation and practice, and continues to encourage grass-roots innovations, forming on the reformers, not reform employment-oriented, promptly summed up the promotion of local innovation. Track performance and practice, pay special attention to reform of the Inspector, assessments, basic situation, problem analysis, clear direction. Mechanism and practice, improve supervision coordination, an inspector implementation and evaluation work motivation, accountability mechanisms, attention to reform building, improve training, enhance operational guidance, improve the promotion of reform and level.

Central and State departments to strengthen the local innovation support to local problems of reform to strengthen the analysis, develop projects, targeted to be addressed. To strengthen the reform propaganda, form a good reform is expected in the whole society, intense atmospheric fields gather to promote reform.

Attended by members of the Central leading group on comprehensive reform, Central Government and the relevant departments of the State and the local responsible comrades concerned to attend the meeting.

Source: Xinhua China business end the Secretariat Bo Xilai former

Original title: XI Jinping: reform resources gathered motivate more productive pay special attention to the reform work


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