A secondary school canteen year in Nanning for 1 73 million and turnover of

On March 11, a three canteens in Nanning spread right to auction site on the Internet, notably the price of 1.73 million yuan per year. “Excluding holiday and weekend, turnover of nearly 40,000 yuan a day in order to preserve capital. “Apart from the excitement, users also for the operator accounts. Nanguo morning post interviewed informed that three delegates in Nanning in Nanning weining Asset Management LLC, community-oriented to public bidding to the grocery store for lease, but has not yet been signed

A secondary school canteen year in Nanning for 1.73 million and turnover of 40,000 per day in order to breakeven

Auction site displays prices. Network screenshot

1 the school canteen year auction buzz

The morning of 11th Nanning’s circle of friends was almost a picture of “maxed out”: this is a picture of the alleged three canteens in Nanning auctions, asset is written on a large screen in the figure number, property address, rental space, starting price, bid, price and other information. Among them, the large red font indicate rents of the 1.73 million yuan per year, sending the picture quickly spread on the Internet.

Area of 172 square metres of a school canteen, the annual rent up to 1.73 million Yuan, can continue to do business? In the crowd, while users begin to account, starting one.

“Exclude weekends and holidays, the average daily turnover of nearly 40,000 to capital preservation. “Friends” ring a small people “said, according to daily 20% profit, store a year’s turnover to more than 7 million Yuan to the, combined with artificial water and electricity expenses, revenues needed to reach 7 million or 8 million Yuan. Schools with more than 3,000 students, meant more than average, spending 10 yuan per person per day at least.

However, some netizens said, students ‘ level of consumption should not be taken lightly, some students spend a day in school dozens of hundreds of million “no pressure”. In addition, acquired a certain accounting costs, “you did.”

Some observant netizens said, according to the information in the picture, wrote in the address column of the assets is “third high school, Nanning city, two dining room buffet” instead of Nanning. Questioned the authenticity of the picture content that “pictures are PS”.

2 500,000 yuan eventually made out of 1.73 million Yuan

A message circulating on the Internet that are true? Reporters confirmed through multiple channels, in fact, as early as March 2, three two dining room in Nanning store walk-in public auction notice has been issued.

11th at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, hotline calls bulletin understands that the store’s lease auctions have been held on the same day in the morning, “but data is not sent back, and other confidential information.”

A secondary school canteen year in Nanning for 1.73 million and turnover of 40,000 per day in order to breakeven

Two dining room buffet in Nanning, three walk-in public auction notice.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted a business people who witnessed the auction process. According to the source, the 1.73 million auction price is true, bidders participating in the competition a total of 8, we use electronic auction bid, auction starting at 500,000 yuan, increase 1 at least 10,000 yuan, the screen displays the latest, highest bid quotation. After bidding began, all buttons on the seat in their bid price of 50,000 and 100,000 Yuan on the screen increases fast refresh, soared quickly. When the auction prices to 1.3 million Yuan, price of the screen refresh is somewhat slow. Finally, after after 44 rounds of bidding, with 1.73 million sold.

“1.3 million Yuan, bidding slowed, estimates that many people are reassessing, computational cost. And some give up. “The head of the enterprises involved in the auction said they company offers on the screen, quickly brushed to a high price, they have no chance to sign. Eventually, the store was acquired by the price of a company with 1.73 million Yuan.

Reporters learned that bidders, bidders need to pay 100,000 yuan bid deposit. Sources said that auction results on March 11, March 15 is the date of signing. There have been bidders bid eventually signed, but if you go back and bid deposits will not be able to get back.

3 industry accounts of this rent is not exaggerated

A school canteen, 1.73 million Yuan annual rents can make profit?

According to the analysis of business leaders participating in the auction, school vacations, weekend rest days, so come to commissary business have more than 260 days a year. Calculated according to the annual rent of 1.73 million Yuan daily turnover of nearly 40,000 to support rental costs.

In addition, the school canteen management there are some requirements, such as food is prepackaged foods you want, some common in convenience stores and small supermarkets, such as “Oden” such higher-margin foods cannot be sold, other commodity prices also need to be comparable to that outside of some large supermarkets. In view of this, with 1.73 million Yuan annual rent to take commissary, may be harder, don’t know how bid will operate.

But people in the industry said, bidders prior assessment and analysis, the final price is expected to reach 1.5 million ~160 million/year, 1.73 million yuan of the final auction price and estimation of the difference is not too great. In addition, news that a few years ago, the store’s annual turnover has reached 5 million Yuan. In other words, in such a position, shoot this price not too exaggerated.

Managers of a leading supermarket chain, Nanning city, Mr Rudd said that school spending will be concentrated, merchandise sales are significant, the price is not too far. He used to send ham to supermarket, grocery store, a school canteen in sausage sales more than a big supermarket. Schools to sell some commodity, such as stationery, lunch boxes, clothing and the like, profit margins are very high. In addition, mineral water, soft drinks and some food sales, but the cost is very low, “profits as much as four or five.” For example, he said, a primary school canteen in Nanning city, only 18 square meters, the annual rent of more than 200,000 yuan, there is also a school canteen is only 25 square meters, but can afford a 8 salesman while on duty.

The executives said that if the store has annual sales of more than 4 million Yuan losses, reached 4.5 million Yuan to make money. But the school environment but also some special, food safety requirements are high, also have to deal with the internal relationships, will be very tired. If it is exclusive, does not lose money, another grocery store competition, had to assess the competitive relationship. Can you make money, depends on the store’s turnover. Henan Black households teachers just 34 total

Journalists to three a students learn in school in Nanning, behind closed doors at the school teaching. He said that the canteen of the school belongs to the exclusive, which are basically snacks, instant noodles, beverages, and small supermarkets, popular, many people in the grocery store to buy things for breakfast, prices 1~2 cents more expensive than outside shops. He basically ate snacks after dinner to buy a drink or something, probably a week in which consumption of 100 Yuan. Some like to go to the cafeteria students spend more.


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